If you're wondering who in the local area can give you the whole gammut of advice on the beautiful southern coast of Sri Lanka, the manager of Six Degrees North, Udith Illedge of Pasan Tours in Hikkaduwa is the guru. You can contact 'Udi' though his great website - www.pasantours.com. Udi bulit Six Degrees North, & has lived in the area all his liufe, running tours for the past 10 years. He's a terrific fella....

Here are a few question frequently asked about our home, and Sri Lanka & the golden southern coast in particular:

1. How far is Six Degrees North from the airport at Colombo? Six Degrees North is around 90 minutes drive from the airport in Colombo, via the brand new freeway that links the airport to the souther cities.

2. How do we get there from the airport? If you are coming straight to the house our lovely driver will pick you up from the airport. If you wish to spend a night in Colombo before coming to the house then we can pick you up from your hotel as required

3. Will we need to hire a car to see the attractions? It is probably better you hire a car with a driver as to drive in Sri Lanka requires a special licence in order to be covered by insurance. You will find a driver is not a lot more expensive and generally they have a wonderful knowledge of the areas. We are able to arrange a car and driver for you if necessary. However, cars are available for hire.

4. Is it safe to swim in the ocean? The tides change throughout the year. There are calm seasons and rough seasons. During the months from November to April the waters are generally calm and safe in most West Coast beaches. Snorkelling and diving in the pristine waters is a real treat.

5. Is the water safe to drink? Generally where town water is available it is safe to drink. However, as with most countries it is probably best that it is boiled to be perfectly safe. Bottled water is very cheap in Sri Lanka.

6. How many people can stay in Six Degrees North? Six Degrees North Villa has 4 bedrooms all with attached bathrooms. All have King sized beds that can be pulled apart for singles. So can sleep 8 adults and there is room in the other areas for small children. Extra bedding can be arranged. By the end of October 2013 we will have four brand new beach apartments open, each with a capacity for between 2-4 people.

Twelve Great things to do near Madampe Parrot Junction

  1. Inspect the fishermen’s catch after they have dragged in the net.
  2. Visit the beautiful inland Madampe Lake and visit the peaceful Temple with the amazing large red Squirrels. See the wonderful mangrove forests and sea creatures to rival Jurassic Park
  3. Visit the Famous Ambalangoda Mask Factory
  4. Eat at the lovely restaurant on the lakeside at Ambalangoda
  5. Visit the handloom cotton factory on the Galle Road a little past Hikkaduwa and watch the amazing old crafts ladies at work
  6. Visit the remarkable Temple that the Tsunami left totally unscathed
  7. Go to the beautiful lagoon at the back of Hikkaduwa around 4 pm and float around on a canoe and watch the birds and water creatures go to bed
  8. Party at Hikkaduwa Beach
  9. Explore the wonderful fort town of Galle
  10. Visit the Turtle Hatchery and learn about the terrific conservation programme to ensure these magnificent creatures are around forever
  11. Take time out to visit a local school or orphanage and see how the wonderful children value learning. Sri Lanka has among the highest literary rate in the entire world.