Rowing fishing boats beyond the high tide mark on Madampe Beach.

Madampe Beach - can you see any footsteps...?.

The local dragon, River Monitor in the lakes behind Ambalangoda.

Little monks in the Madu Ganga Monastery.


The local squirrel....

Immaculate Buddha at Madu Ganga Monastery.

Cinnamon stocks drying in the ceiling of mud brick hut.

Fisherman's rest hut.

An original fisher king, drying his wings.

Kohomada! It's all good.

Three little moneys close in on an outrigger canoe.

The bustling streets & marklets of Ambalangoda.

Hikkadua Beach - everywhere you wander along this coast you'll find somewhere shady to lie down.

Beach bars at the rustic Unawatuna.

Beach markets, shopping with wet feet....

The test cricket ground at Galle.

A peak through the shuters at the regal Gall Fort Hotel.

Chrurch St in the historic Gall Fort.

Rustic architecture in Galle.

Billy Goat Ranatunga keeping a watchful eye for pirates at the Rampart.

Galle Fort Rampart.

Galle Lighthouse

The old Printe Factory in the Fort.

The colour & character of Pedder St.